After espionage scandal: Switch now to German data room providers


Cloud computing is currently a very popular service. Users are increasingly using the M&A features of this technology. Cloud data rooms are virtual servers that provide the user with all the relevant data for the relevant industry by means of a web browser, A password, in protected and encrypted form.

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However, it is becoming increasingly clear that, above all, American Internet corporations are being spied on with the aid of the US screening program PRISM. It is important to know that many data room providers have their servers right there, in the USA. When a company is sold, this can lead to massive problems. Economic espionage is now also one of the activities of the secret services.

Effective protection: Switch to a German data room provider

Many associations strongly recommend you to switch to local companies, which operate their data room servers on site, in Germany. This is the only way to ensure that you can effectively protect yourself from spies, as many safety experts agree. If you have your data with a European or international supplier, you should urgently switch to dataroomX®. This is a German product, which is provided on servers certified by TÜV as safe.

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