After the spying scandal: switch to German data rooms now


Cloud computing, as it is called New German, is a big one. In particular, when providing the data for M & A activities, companies are reverting to cloud data rooms. These are virtual servers that provide the data relevant for the sale or merger via the web browser and provide them to the users digitally for password protection and encryption.

Intelligence services crawl data room content

For several years now, however, the findings have shown that American US corporations have been given special attention by the US screening program PRISM. Many data room providers have their servers in the US. This is not a good idea when it comes to selling a company. For economic spying is also a field of activity of the secret services.

Effective protection: Now switch to German data room providers

Many associations urgently recommend to hire local companies, which are proven to operate the data room servers in Germany. This is, according to many safety experts, the only effective protection against espionage. – You still have your data with a European or international supplier ?! Then switch to dataroomX: The German product is provided on servers certified by TÜV as a secure data center.

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