Attention lawyers: Documents belong in data rooms


Lawyers and their employees are subject to special confidentiality – as prescribed in their professional code of conduct. Thus, information transfer via the internet can often be problematic. Many cloud services and special data room providers offer secure transmission solutions for law firms. But these computers must lie according to German data protection in Germany. The providers of cloud solutions often lie outside Europe. If providers offer their services on German servers, the foreign contract law of the country applies.

Protected and logged data exchange

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In Germany, many attorneys protect themselves against the subject matter, in which they conclude a contract with their clients for the consent of the e-mail communication. Be careful! Not all documents are suitable and can be quickly copied and redistributed. Therefore, German data rooms are best suited for these purposes. The cloud solutions, referred to as virtual data rooms, offer a simple platform for protected and logged data exchange. The documents are also provided with a digital watermark, which occupies the user & the time of the access.

Datarooms of dataroomX®

Datarooms such as dataroomX® are the right solution for lawyers, especially when it comes to sensitive data. Since the Snowden case, every lawyer should check whether his e-mail servers are in Germany. The security and confidentiality of data is today’s top priority!

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