Checklist for virtual data rooms


Numerous companies offer virtual data rooms. Data rooms are independently secured virtual drives in which sensitive documents and data are exchanged. This is why traditional cloud or file hosting solutions are not suitable: the providers are not focussed on security aspects. For instance, one of the largest file hosting services (also known as cloud storage) in the world had its passwords […]

Data rooms are based on security aspects and customer requirements

The data rooms of dataroomX® are oriented solely to ensuring the data security and the easy handling of the data rooms according to customer requirements. Our video shows the switching center of our virtual data rooms, here interested parties can convince themselves: Our data rooms are very easy and fast to create. They differ significantly in important areas from many competitors.

Unique features

The main features are:
– Our data hosting takes place in Germany. Data security is a top priority.
– We use software made in Germany, which we constantly adapt to customer requirements.
– Data rooms of dataroomX® are easy to use. A tedious software installation is not required. You access the data rooms easily via your web browser.
– Our fees are fair and transparent. You will receive dataroomX® data rooms at a fixed price!
– Trust an experienced software company. We are internet pioneers and have been developing highly modern Internet applications since the 1990s.
– Our company receives very good credit ratings from independent institutions. You can also trust us as a partner financially.

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