Cloud: M&A in a virtual data room


Electronic data rooms have long been standard in many M & A transactions. Physical data rooms where you meet with a notary, lawyer or tax consultant are part of the story. Virtual data rooms are also on the rise in other industries.
The advantages of the virtual data room prevail.

Is it worth a stake or purchase the company? – View data rooms conveniently from a tablet computer

The advantages of the online data rooms are obvious: No lengthy appointment adjustment. No provision of premises. Cloud computing provides tremendous benefits for business acquisitions (M & A). Comfortable and confidential information can be viewed comfortably from the computer. Due diligence is called in specialist circles. And the careful checking and rolling in genuine file folders is no longer necessary. No climbing ladder to pick the right folder. No paper jam in the virtual folder structure of the data rooms.

Cloud computing for data rooms

Many vendors offer additional advantages for a data room cloud: Virtual notes can be created on the user’s side and documents can be marked. All steps are logged on the provider side. The expression or download, as far as this is allowed in the virtual data rooms, is given a watermark. If the documents are later displayed, the origin can be assigned precisely on the server side and in the printout. All instruments to ensure commercial confidentiality.

Data rooms with efficiency gains

Many M & A consultants swear by the electronic data rooms. The findings are always the same: the documents are studied more frequently because the hurdles for a physical data room are higher: An appointment must be coordinated. The arrival is planned. And it is not possible to estimate how long the document study lasts. In some cases, the pressure is felt to see the documents in the prescribed time. The courtesy for due diligence is higher for virtual data rooms.

Data rooms in Germany from German suppliers

The fact that the big American cloud providers want to cooperate with German providers and conclude the boldest contracts to enable their intelligence services to spy out has been an open secret since the NSA scandal. Here, too, M & A data rooms are a thing of the past. Caution: Be aware that data center software and providers are German. This is the only way to prevent secret services from collecting secret data for the competition.

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