Counterfeit-proof watermarks on data room documents


The paramount feature of the dataroomX® virtual data room is its user-friendly data room management for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) without compromising security.
Only the forged digital watermark, which stores a specific time stamp and user identification in the background of the PDF documents, can ensure this. This makes it possible for enterprises to securely identify documents and to protect them from access by third parties.

Watermark to prevent unauthorized access

Watermarks not only find their use as security indices for banknotes but also for confidential documents in data rooms for mergers & acquisitions. In the digitized content, a non-perceptible marking is performed, which can only be detected on the other hand with a pre-programmed system.

Individual watermark

Foto: 360b,

In the data room, a company can even set the company logo or project logo as a watermark in the background so that the document can be clearly identified. Thus, there is nothing to prevent the safe exchange and management of secret or sensitive documents. The watermark can be used for Mergers & Acquisitions & Financing projects or due diligence processes.

High security level for dataroomX® data room

The digital watermark offered to protect the documents is only one of several security features of dataroomX®. It protects secret information from unauthorized access and is one of the highest security standards of dataroomX®. All the actions of the applicants are recorded in detail. Intensive access control, secure data center with TÜV certification as well as the highest encryption technology for data transfer convince of its high security level. Compare and test now!

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