Data room applications for M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions)


The M & A industry uses specialized cloud providers for their due diligence processes. However, data room solutions must meet the high security requirements. But clouds especially designed for data rooms are rare or too expensive. For a number of years now, there have been specialized data room providers, which provide the documents to prospective investors & prospects under special security aspects.

Highly secure data rooms for due diligence

Virtual data rooms are already standard in most mergers & acquisitions transactions, because business processes can be executed and enforced more quickly through them. Specialized data room solutions like dataroomX® allow better organization of the resources over the Internet.

Watermark secure cloud documents

The online storage provides the digital documents of due diligence for examination, as would be the case with a hard disk or a well-arranged file room. If a document is stored or printed out by the interested investor or buyer, a cloud watermark will be provided as part of the previously agreed obligation of secrecy.

Data rooms specifically for Mergers & Acquisitions

This is exactly where DataroomX® comes in: it provides the secure cloud for transactions in the business areas, such as company acquisitions, company transfers, merger, insourcing & outsourcing, outsourced takeover, company co-operation, carve-out or spin-off. The dataroomX® Cloud offers highly secure transactions to service providers such as M & A, consultants to companies, law firms, tax consultants, auditors or investment banks. You can test the advantages of the product yourself by setting up a 14-day test data room.

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