Data room cloud – top 5 cloud-trends in 2017


Cloud computing is one of the hot topics in Germany. As René Büst writes in Computer Week, more than 85 percent of companies are actively involved in the topic of cloud computing. More than a quarter use clouds as an integral part of the IT strategy, according to the expert.

René Büst is Director of Market Research & Technology Evangelism at Arago GmbH and has summarized his five cloud trends for 2017 in a specialist article.

Cloud Trend 1: Autonomous IT & Artificial Intelligence in the Data Center
Artificial Intelligence takes server management and server management self-learning and rule-based.

Cloud Trend 2: Infrastructure Orchestration and Serverless Infrastructure
The scaling of speed and disk room run autonomously or semi-autonomously.

Cloud Trend 3: Cloud Integration Hubs
Other applications are integrated into the cloud and provide interfaces for matching.

Cloud Trend 4: IoT and Industrial Clouds
Clouds are adapted to the specific requirements of the industry4.0.

Cloud Trend 5: Hardware Clouds
The virtual cloud environment is also offered as physical in the form of server and storage.

So there’s a lot on the cloud computing market. Virtual data rooms are also secure cloud applications. In this respect, the trends are important for the performance spectrum of the data rooms in Germany

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