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Make the comparison! Get to know the data room manager dataroomX® by running a test. This is the only way to assess what this data room can offer you. You have the chance to test this cloud solution for data rooms 14 days without obligation and free of charge.

The data room test

dataroomX® is quite simple, puts an end to excessive or intransparent costs. You can cancel this data room monthly. Make the test and compare the prices online! Contact the manufacturer and supplier, your system house: rdts AG. For further information, please visit The highly secure data room application is a German product, that is developed and programmed in Germany, and is provided on German high-performance servers!

Data rooms: Testing, testing!

Test the data room comparison free of charge

Test it now. dataroomX® will convince you! Get to know all the features of dataroomX® because only a practical test gives you the confidence that dataroomX® is really the right product for you. dataroomX® – Your test winner!

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