Data room test winner: The best data rooms


In the search for the appropriate data room provider, a checklist helps to locate your test winner. The web-based cloud provider for dataroomX® has compiled the most important points.

Server location Germany

In the search for the best German virtual data room provider, special attention is paid to the programming and development of the manufacturer’s company with its location in Germany. Most of the data room providers offering data rooms on the German market are located outside the federal territory. This is the most important deal-breaker in the provider selection.

Software programmed in Germany

The data room application software must also have been programmed in Germany. Major international consultancy firms and systems houses are increasingly outsourcing software programming to India. The data room software „dataroomX®“ is programmed by employees of the rdts® Aktiengesellschaft, a renowned system house for web development in Trier and Mainz.

Sealing the data room DVD with a service seal of the notary

The provider of virtual data rooms, dataroomX®, offers a sealing of the data rooms after completion of the project. The DVD in the set of 5 can be ordered with AVERY®Trousing security seal or notarial seal in digital or analog form. Thus three possibilities to secure themselves against claims of withholding information. The court opens the seal and determines the correctness of the statements.

Intuitive web interface with explanatory videos

The simple use with German explanatory texts and tutorials is another important criterion: Too complicated, no German user interface… less is more and in times of intelligent computer programs, an option to change the user language is a must-have.

Other modules

Further modules & services should be included:

  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited number of documents
  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited number of users per data room
  • Newsletter & status mails in three languages ​​(de / en / fr)
  • Recognition value with design / color adjustments
  • Watermark with user, date, time

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