Data rooms are safer than a hard drive – IT Security Trends 2017


Data rooms protect SMEs against a huge Internet attack wave. Cloud applications are safer than any hard drive in the enterprise, according to the Verband der Internetwirtschaft e.V. It now advises to store important data on cloud servers. „As a security measure against crypto viruses, the eco sees to store important data beyond the hard drive in the cloud, in which case the cloud is safer than the hard disk,“ says Oliver Dehning, head of the eco competence group for security. Under crypto-viruses or ransomware, encryption robots are used, which encrypt a hard disk unintentionally and grant the user access to payment of a ransom.

Data rooms are protective cover against economic spies & criminals

The Internet Association is the largest association of Internet business in Europe with more than 900 member companies. Oliver Dehning explains: „The IT world is becoming more and more complex and goes through all areas of the economy and everyday life, and more and more systems and devices are connected to the Internet, which unfortunately can also be attacked via the Internet, Which are not primarily associated with IT, will continue to accumulate, including machine controls, home automation, IP cameras, cars, etc. It is feared that the recent DDoS attack on Amazon, Twitter & Co. is only the beginning of a Whole series of spectacular attacks from the Internet of Things next year. “ The eco expert, however, expects that the greatest damage will be caused in the new year by already known attack scenarios. He calls above all Ransomware, CEO Fraud, DDoS attacks and the theft of access data in large style.

Attack wave is rolling to mid-range

According to the CEO Fraud, perpetrators – after gathering information about the company to be attacked – act as managing directors (CEOs) against the employees and prompt the transfer of a larger amount of money abroad. „This wave of assault is on the German middle class,“ fears Oliver Dehning. The Federal Criminal Police Office and the Land Criminal Police Office have already issued warnings.

EU-US Privacy Shield skepticism

The security expert is skeptical about whether the new standard contractual conditions for the transfer of personal data from the EU to the USA will be subject to a legal review. „It could be that the EU-US Privacy Shield 2017 is tilted,“ Oliver Dehning speculates. He said: „We need a fundamental agreement between the EU and the US on data protection principles, with effective mechanisms for the enforcement of civil rights on both sides of the Atlantic.“

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