Data rooms protect German companies against espionage by secret services


Cyberattacks, hacker attacks, information theft – these days the data of German companies are as at risk as never before. Even the secret services of friendly states are now among the snoopers and seem to be very interested in gaining economic advantages by obtaining company information. Effective protection solutions are therefore required which offer a high level of security. Data rooms represent an elegant and effective barrier against intruders.

Friend listens in – US intelligence agencies spy on American companies

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As the well-known DIE WELT newspaper reported, secret services are increasingly spying on German companies. Thus the NSA and other intelligence services would carry out industrial pioneering in addition to their military activities and thereby inflict enormous damage on the German economy. This is mainly due to the fact that the protective measures of local companies have so far been far too small.

German authorities neglect German companies

Affected entrepreneurs can hardly expect any help and support from the authorities. Although the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) has a government agency available for such matters, its commitment is limited primarily to warning messages and general basic advice. Whoever is looking for effective protection for their company data has to provide it themselves.

Data rooms in Germany are a safeguard

An exceptionally useful way to protect sensitive company data from unauthorized access and the outflow of information is the data room. With this secure, cloud-based communications platform, companies of all sizes can benefit from protected storage of information. However, it is always important that this is a German provider with a German server location and German software! This is the only way to ensure that the stored data is not forwarded or tapped by secret services.

Data rooms – The ideal protection against industrial and competition espionage

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Economic espionage, competition espionage, data theft – attacks on the technical infrastructure of companies of all sizes are increasing. In addition to damage to the companies targeted by online criminals, the main focus is on the elimination of development plans, project data or internal technologies. In order to counter the criminal machinations effectively, specially secured cloud solutions have proven useful in the form of virtual data rooms. Specialized server systems are used, which provide storage room and computing power by way of renting.

Renting data rooms

When you rent data rooms, you benefit from sophisticated technology and a high degree of security. From the beginning, you determine which documents are allowed to be accessed by the individual users or by a certain user group in which period of time. In addition, an additional protection mechanism regulates which actions the accessing user can perform: Can the documents be viewed or stored and printed? Such rights settings can be easily predefined.

Sensitive data belongs in a data room

Virtual data rooms are suitable for companies of all sizes, as well as for authorities and other public institutions. Whenever sensitive data or secret information are exchanged or provided, a particularly protected data room makes sense. This is the case, for example, in tenders, in the case of company sales or real estate transactions. Here, specific content is made accessible to a precisely defined group of bidders or persons involved by means of exclusive access, which should remain hidden to third parties.

How to recognize reputable data room providers?

The most important criterion for a serious data room provider is data hosting in Germany. By using domestic servers and adhering to strict data protection regulations, access to your data for industrial and commercial spies becomes all but impossible. In addition, only with high-quality software „Made in Germany“ are you on the safe side! While many OpenSource solutions are considered to be the gateway for hacker attacks and virus infection, a suitably designed software prevents malicious access attempts.

Data room software from Germany

It is best to use software that has been developed and programmed in Germany for your sensitive data. Only with thought-out solutions that are adapted to the current needs of the IT world, will you stay up to date and protect your company from financial risks. Therefore, when selecting software products, always look for a competent supplier, comprehensive support and a good price transparency!

Data rooms with the future of dataroomX®

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