Data rooms protect German companies against espionage by secret services


In 2017, the protection of sensitive company data is one of the most important projects of German companies. Data rooms (or data arteries), specialized companies and defense specialists, even of constitutional protection, help them. International intelligence services systematically look at German companies and pass on the illegally obtained information to competitors from abroad.

Secret services receive order from the business to procure information from the competitor

The Deutsche Welle and the ZDF magazine Frontal21 have sent an interesting report entitled „Friend listens with – US secret services spying enterprises out“. It shows how the intelligence services operate and act. Tobias Lücke of the protection of the constitution is secure against the reporters: secret services even receive the order from the economy, in other countries targeted information of the competitor to procure.

German authorities do not protect German companies

Conversely, the services provided by German authorities are not provided. The entrepreneur Oliver Winzendried therefore relies on self-help and emphasizes the frontal21 reporters: Companies need to take protective measures themselves, and organizationally and technically ensure that their know-how can not flow away and can be used to others without effort.

Data rooms in Germany are a safeguard

In particular, when exchanging sensitive data, data rooms provide a secure and protected communication platform on a cloud-based basis. However, you should make sure that it is a German server location, a German software and a German provider. Otherwise, the risk is too great that the data is passed on or spied.

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