Data rooms support sales processes


The dataroomX® virtual data room software is known for the highly secure processing of sales processes. This cloud platform is especially used when dealing with sensitive information in order to securely exchange data. Based on predefined authorizations, users can access previously created directory structures to access relevant documents, contracts, evaluations or other documents. Different authorization hierarchies regulate which files can be opened or saved and which are not.

Data rooms just-in-time worldwide

The advantage of the data room solution is that the documents can be downloaded just-in-time from anywhere in the world. The encryption of the data packets from the server to the user is one of the three main pillars of the security concept. The provision on German high-security servers, which are protected against attacks by hackers and viruses, is another safety feature.

Satisfied buyers thanks to data room

This means that there is no more obstacle to the smooth sale of the company or property. Thanks to virtual data rooms like dataroomX, the documents were constantly up-to-date and the buyers satisfied. The solution saves all stakeholders with efficient processing without email flood, faxes or letters.

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