Data rooms – The ideal protection against industrial and competition espionage


The industrial and competition espionage is flourishing. In order to gain the illegal know-how of the competition, economic spies can come up with a lot. Particularly secure cloud solutions offer solutions in the form of virtual data storage. These are particularly secure server systems that offer computer space for rent.

Data rooms for rent

The data rooms are used to define which user or user group is allowed to view which documents for how long. A special protection mechanism also regulates what the user can do with the document: save or just watch. In the latter case, the function of printing is disabled.

Sensitive data belongs to the data space

The target group for these virtual data rooms are all companies and the public sector, who exchange sensitive data and information, especially in the course of tendering processes or due diligences such as company or property sales. Exclusive and secret content is stored in a bidder’s circle and made accessible to a specific authorization system.

How to recognize reputable data room providers

Data hosting in Germany is the most important criterion. Here, basically no foreign spies have access. The rule of thumb is: No provision of the data on foreign servers. The topic of software made in Germany is also a KO criterion. OpenSource software is a gateway for attacks and viruses. And how embarrassing it is when documents then also act as hosts or transmitters of dangerous cyberviruses.

Data room software from Germany

Therefore, care should be taken that the software is developed and programmed in Germany. Continuous adaptation and development is also a must. In times of price transparency, the prices must be open on the homepage. Fair and clear fees – and no complex billing models after page calls, data transfer or document number!

Data rooms with the future of dataroomX®

A partner with a future is the cloud provider dataroomX®! Behind it lies the experienced software house rdts AG. As an Internet pioneer, it has been developing leading and ultra-modern Internet applications for companies, industry and government institutions for 20 years.

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