Data rooms with state-of-the-art server technology


The new version of dataroomX® scores with numerous improvements. Always close to the user, is continually adjusted and sustainably optimized. Always up-to-date with programming technology, this is one of the maxims for the developers of the highly secure data room cloud dataroomX®. The application promises the perfect combination of security and innovation for demanding data room customers.

Security in data rooms

Important and sensitive data require a maximum of protection measures for virtual data rooms. Discourage attacks from third parties and guarantee the protection of data, this is the specialty of the Virtual Data Room (VDR). Communication is always confidential and protected. This is ensured by the data protection in a highly secure data center of the dataroomX® cloud.

Uncomplicated handling of data rooms

This aspect is important and avoids errors. An innovative, clear and clearly structured user interface in the data room reduces the clicks and saves time. New projects are created in turn. Customers can benefit from the simple operation – similar to the computer – when creating the data rooms.

Optics of data rooms – in their own design

A modern look and the innovative design complete the range of dataroomX® data rooms. Different templates allow an individual design, which can be adapted to any corporate culture with corporate logo and colours.

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