The data room cloud for Mergers & Acquisitions


The M&A business needs specialised cloud providers for its due diligence processes. Sophisticated solutions representing the requirements in the due diligence phase are rare or too expensive. Seit einigen Jahren gibt es daher eigene Datenraum-Anbieter, die unter besonderen Sicherheitsaspekten Serverplatz bereitstellen, um die Dokumente mit den Partnern auszutauschen.

Secure data rooms for due diligence

Datenräume M&A (Foto: Fotolia_silvae,

Because business processes can be executed and enforced faster through data rooms, they are already standard in most mergers & acquisitions transactions. Specialized dataroom solutions like dataroomX® allow better organization of the resources over the Internet.

Watermarks for all Cloud-documents

The on-line store provides the digital documents required for the due diligence process, such as a hard drive or a well-organized file space, for testing. If a document is stored or printed out by interested purchasers, a cloud watermark will be provided on the occasion of the previously agreed obligation of secrecy.

Data Room Cloud for Mergers & Acquisitions

Exactly here dataroomX® comes into play in order to provide a secure cloud for transactions in the business areas such as company purchase, company transfer, merger, insourcing & outsourcing, outsourced takeover, company co-operation, carve-out or spin-off. The dataroomX® Cloud offers highly secure transactions to service providers such as M & A, consultants to companies, law firms, tax consultants, auditors or investment banks.

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