What costs do data rooms involve?


For participations in companies, virtual data rooms are more important than ever, especially for mergers, company sales or other sensitive legal transactions. Die Preise dafür sind jedoch meistens nicht einsehbar. Eine Preisrecherche ist mühsam, denn zunächst muss eine Anfrage bei den meisten Anbietern von virtuellen Datenräumen gestartet werden. Die Handhabe beim Anmieten von Datenräumen in Deutschland für M&A- und Due-Diligence-Projekte ist also nicht zufriedenstellend.

Open price list and complete transparency of data rooms


Not only is the cost of data rooms intransparent. A quick price information is not guaranteed. Immediate creation of a data room is not possible. And that is exactly where dataroomX® appears on the scene of data room providers. It is one of the first providers to offer full price transparency. In the Internet, the price list can be called up at any time, and the data room can also be created immediately.

Three fixed prices for three data room models

DataroomX® offers three models, „single“, „multi“ or „profi“ at a flat rate. This means: All services are included. Other providers charge additional fees for data transfer, storage, document number, and page views. Not so dataroomX® : All prices are flat and can be checked on the homepage of the data room provider. The order can be placed immediately via the Internet. Online price list.

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