Data room prices


Prices for data room solutions are often not transparent. dataroomX® makes its data rooms prices transparent. There are no hidden costs. Because prices are no secret. Many providers initially want to elicit the data of the potential customer in order to work with the address. Absolutely legitimate, but not the concept of dataroomX ® , which scores through an open price policy and favorable prices. Therefore, prices must be available online.

All prices online

Other providers offer a quick recall to calculate the prices together. Unsatisfactory, the prospective buyer expects a fast price information and immediate ordering possibility on the Internet. This is where the German data room vendor dataroomX ® is used. He is one of the first data room providers to offer the complete price transparency. The price list can be accessed online, and customers can get the exact price models.

Clear pricing

Especially in the case of small and medium-sized projects, the current market prices do not do justice to a cost-conscious calculation. High costs, billing by page recalls or number of documents are some of the many criticisms that make the price calculation difficult. And especially in the case of company sales, the prices for a data room in the age of flatrates should be known.

Three models – three prizes

DataroomX® single, multi, profi provides you with a virtual data room for M & amp at a fixed price. All prices are up-to-date on the website of the data room operator, the order can be made immediately online. Price list

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