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In the search for a suitable provider for data rooms, you can use the checklist to determine your test winner. The most important points were listed by dataroomX®, the web-based dataroom provider.

Server location in Germany

It is decisive for the classification as best German supplier for data rooms that the development and programming of the firmed manufacturer takes place at a German location. Because most web-based data room providers, which appear on the German market, only have data rooms outside Germany. This is the most important criterion when choosing the provider.

Software programmed in Germany

Another criterion is that the data room software has also been programmed in Germany. Large, internationally operating system houses and consultancy companies have their software installed in India with increasing frequency. For the programming of the data room software dataroomX®, rdts® Aktiengesellschaft is responsible, a renowned web development system house in Mainz and Trier, which has permanent employees.

Seal the data room DVD with a seal of the notary

dataroomX®, a provider of web-based data rooms, is used to seal the data rooms from the date of completion of the project. The DVD can be ordered in the set of 5 with AVERY® purpose form security seal or digital or analogary notarial seal. This represents three possibilities of hedging; in case of need, the content of the data rooms can be presented as evidence in court. The seal is opened by the court and the correctness of the statements is verified.

Intuitive web interface with explanatory videos

An intuitive user interface with German-language explanations and tutorials is a must-have criterion. Many programs are too complicated to use and do not have a German user interface. In times of intelligent software, the switching of programs into the user language German is a K.O. criterion.

Other modules

The following other services & Building blocks should be included in the data room package:

  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited documents
  • Unlimited storage room
  • Users per data room unlimited
  • Trilingual Newsletter & Status mails (en / en / frz)
  • Color & Design Adjustments to Increase Recognition Value
  • Watermark showing user names, time & Date included

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