Data room, virtual data room, VDR – Many terms, one meaning


Several terms are used for data rooms in the M&A sector. The public encyclopaedia Wikipedia describes it as a “protected space” in which the selling company provides a collection of different documents on the matter at hand. Whether Datacenter, VDR or Dataroom, the professional world speaks basically of one and the same.

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VDR: Confusing security terms

One of the most famous creations related to IT security in the M & A offices is the so-called Virtual Data Room (VDR). However, the abbreviation is only rarely found in the everyday practice of the German offices. In Germany, the term „virtual data room“ is much more common. For those who believe that the issue continues to be of great importance, the terms „Secure VDR“ or „Secure Virtual Data Room“ are desirable.

„Dataroom“ is an internationally recognized designation

The term „Dataroom“ (German: Datenraum) is an officially recognized international name. The description of a virtualized property thus treats a digital room that serves to provide documents for download or viewing in the best way protected. Despite the English-language name, dataroomX® is a German product, which is used internationally but is hosted in German data centers.

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