Data rooms with transparent prices


The real cost of data room solutions are often obscured. dataroomX® has no hidden costs, everything is transparent. In contrast to other vendors, dataroomX ® is not only interested in the data of a potential customer. An open price policy and prices that do not include hidden costs are the concept of dataroomX ® .

Data rooms of dataroomX ® : Prices immediately visible online

Prospective customers and potential customers of data rooms do not want to wait to see prices. You want to see them immediately on the Internet and can place an order if necessary. This is the specialty of the German data room provider dataroomX ® . Complete price transparency is an extremely important issue for this company. All prices can be obtained online and an order can be placed immediately.

Clear pricing for data rooms

The price calculation is often very difficult especially for smaller projects. Billing can be done by page call or the number of documents. However, a predisposition is not possible. In times of flat rates, however, it should not be a problem to name the prices for a data room exactly.

Fixed prices for each model

DataroomX ® offers the models single, multi and profi. This virtual data room is given to the customer at a fixed price. These can be found at any time on the website. If necessary, an order can be placed immediately!

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