DataroomX can be terminated monthly


Institutions such as the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) repeatedly warn of gag contracts with data room providers -m any contracts can’t be terminated monthly. Explicitly, it recommends checking whether the service provider allows the customer to change the provider.

No barriers to dataroom switching with dataroomX® data rooms

This means that providers want to change the provider because of the incurring exchange costs and other exchange barriers. The use of proprietary data formats could also endanger the integrity of the information and make the change of the provider more difficult, according to BSI.

Transparency & unconditional customer orientation in data rooms

The data room product dataroomX® has turned against early business practices such as the vendor lock-in: customers can cancel their data room at any time every month. There are no toggle contracts with long durations. There is even the possibility to let the package rest. There are also no termination fees. With these three points dataroomX® creates transparency and an unconditional customer orientation: Monthly cancellable, no notice fees, transfer of the data formats of the customer.

Security requirements for data rooms

With the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (CSC), the BSI has recently defined the level of security requirements that cloud vendors should never miss, as well as the evidence that is required.

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