DataroomX® – The data room with a notarial seal


Virtual data rooms are cloud-based web applications, which give companies in the context of due diligence an insight into confidential documents. After completion of the due diligence phase, disputes arise again and again, for instance when unsuccessful bidders claim not to have received certain documents.

Three sealing options for dataroomX®

The analogue sealing is done with a seal of the notary.

The data room operator secure themselves against such claims by creating a notarially sealed copy with the completion of the data room. The dataroomX® data room provider also offers this option when ordering. The DVD in the set of 5 can be ordered with AVERY®Trousing security seal or notarial seal in digital or analog form. So there are three ways to guard against this case.

Sealing wax secures analogous sealing

The analogue sealing is done with a seal of the notary. At dataroomX the heated notary sealing wax is applied to the DVDs and marked by a the symbol of the office (here: the notary’s seal). This sealing has different objectives, such as the verification of the document’s authenticity.

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