Digitization is modernizing the M&A industry as well


The trend towards the digitalization of all business sectors is also advancing in the area of ​​mergers & acquisitions. For even in this highly sensitive segment, considerable simplifications of the processes can be achieved through digitization. In various areas, the introduction of special programs has succeeded in bringing about standardization and effectiveness. If you do not want to be left behind, you do not want to resist the new developments.

Digital transformation began in the publishing industry

An example here may be the publishing industry. The advantages of digitalization have been recognized and implemented at an early stage in this sector. The pioneers of this development have been able to assert themselves in the market and expand. The companies who rejected the development or recognized it too late were left behind. Anyone who can not keep up with the pace of this industry falls victim to the concentration process.

Digitization in business transactions has begun

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In the market of business transactions, digitalization is no longer possible. In fact, the highly secure platform „Carl Finance“ was introduced some time ago. The objective of this platform is to significantly increase the range of offers from company sales. Under confidential conditions, the company explores the potential for succession or takeover of companies. Candidates are presented from a wide range of investors who, in turn, are eligible for their prerequisites. Only after extensive research, contacts are made which lead to the desired success especially for medium-sized companies. Within just a few months, a client base worth more than EUR 100 million has been established.

Save time & money with online platforms

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The extensive processes, which are necessary up to the completion of a sale, show the huge potential that a digitization opens up. Analyzing the company’s ability to develop a purchasing margin, finding prospective buyers, combining a confidential environment with the structure and administration of a protected data room requires a lot of time and manpower. This effort can be considerably simplified using digital techniques.

Creating Technological Competence

The most important prerequisite for the successful processing of the processes is the willingness to face this change and to actively shape it. The data rooms offered by dataroomX® as well as the processes for renting and setting up them have been effectively digitized. This allows customers to manage the virtual data rooms independently.

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