Due Diligence: Special security provided by virtual data rooms


Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important foe companies. Even the online retailer Amazon is now offering storage space, generating excellent revenues. Immer mehr Unternehmen verzichten auf eigene Rechenzentren und speichern stattdessen ihre Daten in Cloud-Serverfarmen. Vor allem im Bereich Merger & Akquisition nutzen immer mehr Firmen virtuelle Rechner zur Speicherung ihrer Daten. Dazu greifen sie auf spezielle Cloud-Datenräume zu, die alle für eine Fusion oder einen Verkauf des Unternehmens wichtigen Daten verschlüsselt speichern. Bei diesen Due-Diligence Prozessen spielt Sicherheit eine sehr große Rolle, weshalb die Daten nur passwortgeschützt und gut verschlüsselt gespeichert werden dürfen. Auf keinen Fall sollte diese in den bekannten Cloudportalen abgelegt werden.

Big brother is watching you

When George Orwell described in his bestseller „1984“ a world that was marked by absolute surveillance, he did not realize that his scenario would not be very recent even 40 years after the title-giving year. A battle for secret data has long since begun. Secret services and spies rely on viruses and special software programs to get important, secret data. In the United States, American internet companies have already been struck by the spy software PRISM for some time. This is especially critical as many vendors of cloud storage are based in Europe, but they store their customers‘ data on servers in the US.

Secret services also do not stop from virtual data rooms

This fact is very dangerous especially in the area of ​​company sales or fusions. Because the secret services do not stop even before economic espionage. Under the Safe Harbor Agreement, it was agreed between the European Union and the US that all data on servers in the US must be stored in accordance with the European Data Protection Directive. However, it is certain that this is not the case since the revelations of Edward Snowden. For this reason, more and more associations and authorities are relying on the urgent recommendation to secure security-relevant data only on German servers.

Software from Germany as a security criterion

In addition to the server location in Germany, the software used is also a decisive factor. When developed by German companies in Germany, this offers customers a high degree of security. So far no case has been known in Germany, in which German news services could manipulate German software so that they can spy out secret data. This is explained by the Internet expert of data room company „dataroomX®“

New rules on data exchange between the US and the European Union

The new agreement „EU-US Privacy Shield“ replaced the Safe Harbor Agreement. However, this new agreement still does not provide security for the US server location. However, legal certainty has at least been achieved for the exchange of data between European and American companies. This is why it is important for all companies to use German software and servers in Germany. Test dataroomX® and use the data room functions of dataroomX® free of charge and without obligation. Because dataroomX® is a German software, which is provided on German security servers.

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