Due Diligence – Security standards for virtual data rooms


For Merger & Acquisitions (M&A), the virtual data room is a triumphant new technology. Experts estimate that, in the future, hardly any real (physical) data rooms will be set up for acquisitions and mergers.

Virtual data rooms become standard

The virtual data room already has the status of a quasi-standard. Prospects who want to get a comprehensive insight into the economic situation of the company use virtual cloud computers for their Due Diligence. This procedure saves an enormous amount of time, so buyers from abroad can save money on travel expenses.

Security of the data rooms is top priority

But the virtual data room is also subject to vigilance. Data rooms can be attacked and the data obtained can be transmitted to the competition. For data rooms, such as those of dataroomX®, special security features are applied; the data rooms are subject to an extra strict security. For security, data is only transmitted in encrypted form.

Watermarks and logging

On the user side, modules are also available which are designed to protect the data as best as possible. Downloads are generally subject to audit-proof logging. The user is identified by watermarks in the document. Documents can also be protected against downloading and printout by unauthorized persons. In this case, the document can only be viewed on the screen.

Difference to Cloud Providers

Data rooms of dataroomX® differ from mass cloud vendors, mainly due to a higher security standard. Last year one of the largest US cloud providers announced that all customer data and passwords had been stolen. This does reflect well on the company. It is therefore all the more important that data security is always the highest priority for data rooms.

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