Effective data room support in sales processes


dataroomX® has always been known for processing sales processes while giving due account to the highest security standards. dataroomX® is the optimal solution, especially when data needs to be exchanged securely, or extremely sensitive information is involved. The creation of different authorization hierarchies makes it possible, among other things, to control the access to the created directory structure so that only the data that is relevant for daily work can be viewed.

Worldwide Availability

The virtual data rooms of dataroomX ® are accessible worldwide according to the just-in-time principle. The downloading of documents is based on efficient encryption in the context of the client-server connection and is one of the main pillars of the security concept. At the same time, the data are located on high-security servers in Germany, where the risk of hacker attacks or virus attacks is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Documents always available

A high degree of customer satisfaction reaches dataroomX ® by any available documents. The software allows an efficient processing of the business and prevents a fax, e-mail or letter flood.

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