Free due diligence for you data room


The Hamburg law firm and tax office G | W | G | L is known for its solutions in the area of corporate law, tax law and inheritance law – both nationally and internationally. There is also special know-how in the subject of due diligence.

Attorney Dr. Conrad Grau has developed a free folder structure for the typical structure of a data room, which he offers for download. Well positioned and sorted company thanks to Dataroom checklist.

Especially the structured representation of the most important documents and information is important in a data room. „For the company, the Dataroom offers the opportunity to present itself as a well-positioned and assorted company. If the requested documents are available quickly and completely, the Dataroom becomes the company’s figurehead, “ Gray from experience report.

Practical hints for the preparation of the Dataroom

But the preparation of a data room is time-consuming and often underestimated. Therefore, the specialist lawyer has developed a template for a reliable Dataroom folder structure. Especially the practical hints and tips are worth gold. For example, use descriptive file names that indicate the same status as „draft“ or „signed“. Even which folders need to be specially protected, Dr. Gray.

A good data room structure is half the battle

A round about successful template, which is structured in the following 15 upper folders:
1. Company Law Basics
2. Financing the company
3. Commercial space and land
4. Contracts with shareholders, GF and verb. Companies
5. Contracts with customers
6. Contracts with suppliers, service providers and cooperation partners
7. Other contracts
8. Insurance
9. Employees (including managing director)
10. Intellectual Property (IP)
11. Litigation
12. Public relations
13. Quality assurance and data protection
14. Finances
15. Taxes

Contact person for your data room creation

Dr. Grau is responsible for corporate law at G | W | G | L and primarily advises medium-sized companies, start-ups, private equity investors, business angels, shareholders and managing directors. Together with the clients, he structures the best possible solution for their projects – above all in strategic planning, in the design and implementation of contracts and in disputes. From founding to financing and participation rounds, through cooperation and joint ventures, to exit or company succession, Dr. Ing. Gray the entire life cycle of a society. The law firm also supports your company in compiling a data room. For more information, visit the law firm’s website.

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