The history of data rooms for mergers & acquisitions


Mergers & acquisitions is the collective term for transactions involving the ownership of companies or their business units. M&A data rooms are set up for company acquisitions, mergers, operational handovers, leveraged buyouts, spin-offs, joint ventures and outsourcing/insourcing. The target groups dealing with the transactions as a service provider and actually use the data rooms include management consultants, public accountants, investment banks and other companies.

Origins in the 18th century

Foto: Waldteufel,

Looking back in history, the term is used in the first wave of takeovers in the USA at the end of the 18th century. At this time, dedicated rooms are created for mergers and acquisitions, so-called data rooms, which provide all the important documents for the decision maker to supply all key figures about the company.

Secure data rooms in banks

The M & A data rooms are saved differently at this time. Some banks or guarded rooms are also used for due diligence. The protection of the data plays an important role in this time as well. In contrast to the present time, all company numbers are secret. No company register or service provider offers access to basic data.

Virtual data rooms for mergers & acquisitions in secure data centers in Germany

Today, data exchange takes place in virtual data rooms. Highly secure databases that provide encrypted and password-protected access to the documents have become the standard. Many companies attach great importance to the fact that the data are stored in Germany and are often secured against attacks and data gaps by competitors or economic crimes within the framework of a TÜV-safe data center. With dataroomX, companies are on the safe side with their requirements. Developed and constantly developed by German developers, the data room solution places great value on simple handling and fair prices without hidden costs.

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