How digitalization has changed the M&A industry


The digitization can’t be halted, not even by M&A. Some might argue that this is a rather steep thesis. However, the recent history shows impressively that every business model changes through the use of technologies. Not to shy away from these changes, but to use them and thus to maintain the design sovereignty, should be the maxim of action.

Digital transformation began in publishing

Publishing was one of the first sectors to be affected by digitization. Those companies who recognized this at an early stage were able to position themselves and have emerged as winners from these upheaval processes. Those who have slept this process are now restructuring cases, the examples are well known.

Digitization in business transactions has begun

The area of ​​corporate transactions will not be an exception here. The market is already demanding this technological support. Therefore, the highly secure platform „Carl Finance“ has been available for the confidential initiation of company sales. Consultants, „Carl“ helps to increase the reach in a company sales for their clients. For entrepreneurs, the platform explores potentials in the course of an upcoming company succession or a company sale and presents relevant investors. Lastly, it is then possible to keep confidential contacts with medium-sized entrepreneurs who are considering a sale. By the way, already three months after the start, the platform serves mandates with a total value of more than 100 million euros!

Save time & money with online platform

Considering how much time is spent on determining the buying margin, identifying buyers, coordinating confidentiality agreements (NDAs), coordinating prospective buyers, setting up and managing data spaces, searching for commercial due diligence experts, and preparing the completion of the transaction , Then it becomes clear how great the possibilities are, through efficient technologies, to streamline this process.

Creating technological competence

Creating technological skills is necessary, but not sufficient. The more essential step is the willingness to face this change and to actively shape it. Data providers, dataroomX, also meet these challenges and have digitized all data collection processes so that virtual data storage can be managed independently.


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