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Databases can contribute to making processes in law firms and legal departments more efficient. Especially when it comes to the exchange of highly sensitive data or information that requires special protection, in particular professional secrecy. For many years, many law firms have relied on data room providers such as dataroomX®. The VDR (Virtual Data Room) service offers highly secure data rooms in Germany, which are intuitive to use and therefore do not require training. The fast server connection and search algorithms reduce waiting times when working with the data rooms.

The top theme of this year’s LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2017 is efficiency in law firms and legal departments. The congress on 23./24. Every year, October 2017 shows the latest developments in technical solutions, software offerings, communication solutions and services for lawyers. Lawyers, lawyers and legal and compliance lawyers and IT specialists find products to increase efficiency and reduce costs from all areas of their work, from legal tech startups to established ITC companies, technology world market leaders and innovative legal service providers. The automation and digitization of law is also an important topic. The events (tracks) run parallel again, and visitors can choose one of the tracks and switch between them.

  • Track A sheds light on the future of law firms and legal departments in terms of new technology. How can new technology be used to make the work in a law firm even more efficient? What new best practices will be important to lawyers and legal departments?
  • Track B analyzes how lawyers work in the future. Special emphasis is placed on keywords such as blockchains, algorithms, artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning and legal databases.

From 8:30 to 10 o’clock is admission of this year’s congress. Until 11:30 am, after a welcome by the organizer, Dr. Ing. Jochen Brandhoff, following keynotes spoken:

Who owns the future of law?
Prepare the company for what to expect
Prof. Dr. jur. R. Alexander Lorz, Minister of Education, Hesse

Between Technology and Man: The Advocate of the Future
Legal Tech as a challenge for the legal professions

Dr. Thomas Remmers, Vice President, Federal Bar Association

The change is inevitable for the legal professions
Legal Tech as a challenge for legal policy

Nicola Beer, Secretary General, FDP

Revolution or evolution?
Legal Tech as a challenge for law

Dr. Martin Fries, Privatdozent, University of Munich (LMU)

Redefinition of normality
Legal Tech as a challenge for the IT industry

Marco Buhleier, Managing Director, ReNoStar GmbH

The further program can be found here

The congress fair LEGAL ®EVOLUTION consists of the trade fair for legal technology L®EXPO and the congress for legal technology L®CONGRESS. Both take place simultaneously and in four directly connected halls. All tickets are valid for both parts of the event. Main languages ​​of the congress fair are German and English. The contributions are in English with few exceptions.

LEGAL ®EVOLUTION aspires to become the annual flagship of the digital transformation of law in Europe and beyond. It is the pan-European platform for decision-makers and thought leaders in legal, legal, economic, scientific and political matters.

L®EXPO is the pan-European interface between legal departments, compliance departments, M & A departments, IT departments, law firms, notaries, liquidators and other lawyers, investors, software vendors, telecoms providers, IT companies, legal tech startups, modern service providers for the legal market and innovative legal service providers.

L®CONGRESS is the European platform for scientists, thought leaders and designers from the legal, legal, legal, political, corporate, university, academic and public sectors such as the bar associations to exchange views on the legal market and legal innovation.

The progressive digitization of law will lead to upheaval, to which lawyers and other specialists in the legal market can only find adequate answers if they develop a profound understanding of modern technologies and technologies in law.

The aim of LEGAL ®EVOLUTION is to inform all members of the legal system comprehensively about the future of law. Every industry needs an annual meeting to develop solutions for the future: this is the LEGAL ® EVOLUTION – The European LegalTech Expo & Congress for the legal market.

Germany is an attractive location for the LEGAL ® EVOLUTION – The European LegalTech Expo & Congress, partly because of the size of its legal market and its optimal access to all other European markets. Frankfurt am Main is a particularly important legal location in Germany. The conditions.

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