Managing real estate securely with real estate data rooms


Real estate owners and buyers know the problem. Real estate generates numerous documents: exposés, land register entries, valuations, building data, plans, building permits, ancillary costs, contracts, etc. These documents want to be managed in real estate. Economically and up-to-date, the documents should be stored decentrally in a secure data room cloud, where they can be viewed by employees and – when selling or renting – by interested parties.

The real estate data room dataroomX

Data rooms can be imagined as closed rooms, in which only the real estate owner and potential customer entrance is granted. The real-estate data room dataroomX offers precisely here a virtually secured cloud solution. The documents can be uploaded and the data can be displayed, which of the data can be viewed and which are not. The advantage with dataroomX: Everything about the flattarif – no hidden costs for the number or the data transfer of the calls.

Easy handling of the data room in the real estate business

In addition to a simple handling of the data room in the real estate business, another focus is placed on data security. This is because the data must be protected against third-party access and can be restored at any time in case of a total loss. In this case, a real estate software for developers, project developers is not the right storage unit. Although it also documents the entire life cycle of the property, it often lacks sophisticated security mechanisms. And these are vital.

For real estate transactions and property management

Access dataroomX and test the data room provider 14 days free for your real estate! Here you can simply structure your documents and make them child-friendly for your sales processes. Whether it is real estate transactions or property management, dataroomX is the secure, virtual data room from Germany for purchasing, selling and managing your real estate.

Security through high-security data centers

Use reliable solutions for your due diligence investigations in real estate. Increase flexibility and efficiency in your real estate management. Your data is secure with dataroomX’s digital document storage system based on sophisticated online databases at high-security data centers.

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