Many terms, one meaning – technical terms for data rooms


When it comes to referring to the data room, the M&A industry proves to be extremely creative. Various technical terms are floating around, which nevertheless mean one and the same thing: A data room is – according to Wikipedia – a „protected room in which the company to be sold provides a collection of documents to the buying company“- namely documents which are necessary for the purpose of due diligence.

Secure Virtual Data Room

Datenraum, data room, dataroom or data centre – these are just the most common names. Throughout Cyberspace – and increasingly in German M&A offices – a number of other terms are now in use: One of them is the Virtual Data Room, or VDR for short. Although the abbreviation is rarely used in its country of origin USA, nevertheless many German offices advertise with „VDR service“. Other vendors are trying to highlight the security aspect, which led to the concept „Secure Virtual Data Room“, abbreviated „Secure VDR“.

Dataroom international, Datenraum german

One thing is certain: Datenraum is the general German name, whereas Dataroom is the international one. The „Virtual Data Room“ only points out that we are dealing with a digital room. What we particularly hold dear: Despite its international name, the dataroomX® is a genuinely German product and the security of the German program development is our main focus!

Dataroom, data room, VDR – whatever you want to call it: The data room with the „X“ is the reliable and secure solution for your Finance Due Diligence – choose dataroomX®!

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