Multilingual Data Rooms


Nowadays, business transactions are handled via digital data rooms. In the virtual datarooms, the key figures for the company are discreetly and securely stored for potential buyers.

Datarooms: discreet and safe

In order to reach an international and wide-ranging bidding group, the data rooms should offer a multilingual user interface. With dataroomX®, the user interface is offered in English, French and German. The different languages ​​are set when the users are created. Thus, the customer receives the dataroom in his favored language.

Multilingualism in the Dataroom offers advantages

In addition to the general use of dataroomX® in the desired language of the user, the e-mail, which informs whether a new document has been uploaded or modified, can also be sent in the desired language of the user. The linguistic advantages of dataroomX® to the customer is just one of many reasons to choose dataroomX®.

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