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Anyone looking for the right data room provider will also look at awards, tests and surveys. After all, the managed digital documents are strictly confidential, and must be available to all parties involved in a due diligence process. Security is a top priority in this context.

Best virtual data room of dataroomX®

An excellent virtual data room can be recognized, among other things, by certifications. These indicate whether the data room is really trustworthy. The data rooms of dataroomX® have a triple certification.

Triple certification of data rooms

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First of all, the data are stored on servers in TÜV certified, secure data centers. Here are the most important security features: access control, monitoring of cyberattacks and hacker attacks, the availability guarantee and the redundant Internet connection. Only a few vendors of data room currently offer such a certification.

Control at all levels: building, server, transmission, documents, and software

The second essential certificate relates to SSL encryption, which guarantees the high-security transfer of data room documents between data room and online users. The third security certificate guarantees the constant monitoring of the protection against hacker attacks. Certificates provider for this area is, for example, the Initiative-S, which promotes the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

The following applies to data rooms: Security is a craft product

The data rooms of dataroomX® are therefore safe according to the three most important criteria for data security. There are also other security features which we are happy to provide you with.

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