The most popular project names for data rooms


Virtual data rooms are often given fancy names. This is mainly because the project should literally not be referred to by its actual name. Because it is secret. The sellers want the company numbers not to get into the hands of the wrong, so above all competitors and the public. If a data space is named after a company, the bells ring when the user is known. Discretion is the top priority!

Namefinding for project names for data rooms

The planet names such as Mars & Saturn and the names of the Greek alphabet such as Alpha & Omega stand at the forefront of the project names. As a general rule, the ancient gods like Zeus & Hermes are also keen to make their way from Greece. A whole new trend is to assign city names as project names for the data rooms. What is common for meeting rooms also helps with the next data room name. Stockholm and Berlin are the top list.

Google Trends provides ideas for your project name

Are you also looking for a project name for your data room? – On Google Trends you get a wealth of hip names. Take a look and get inspired for the next data room name! These and other tips can be found in our blog at dataroom ® X – have a look!

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