Project names for data rooms


Virtual data rooms are often given creative names. This is mainly to maintain project secrecy. Sellers want to prevent that company indexes end up in the wrong hands.Translate
If one names data rooms after companies, it attracts attention from other competitors. That is why discretion is the top priority!

Find project names for data rooms

At the top of the project names are the planets such as Vernus & Mercury as well as names from the Greek alphabet such as Omega & Alpha. In general, Greece ’s ancient gods are often consulted – as Hermes & Zeus. The latest trend, however, is city names for projects on data rooms. What is already common in conference rooms can only be helpful when assigning the next data room name. Here, especially Munich and Paris are one of the top ranks.

Google Trends creates ideas for new data room project names

If you do not find a new project name for data room, Google Trends will continue to help you. There you will find a whole lot of popular names. Let Google Trends inspire you for one of your future names for data room! Over our blog dataroomX® you can find more useful tips!

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