Protect data against cyber attacks – federal government renews security strategy


Cyber ​​attacks are an important issue in 2017. Even the Federal Government is concerned with the theft of sensitive data: Federal Minister of the Interior de Maizière emphasizes the importance of analyzing cyber attacks that have already taken place, to uncover the perpetrators, and to prevent new attacks. A separate Cabinet decision was made to contribute to increased cyber security. The trigger for this approach was an increased cyber threat. Cloud servers in particular are a popular target for hacker attacks, where sensitive data from the real estate or M&A area is stored. These cloud solutions deserve special protection against cybercriminals.

More security for you data

The cabinet decision intensifies the measures for data backup. A new security strategy was urgently needed because of the technical development, emphasized Thomas de Maizière during the presentation. It is the scaffolding of the security measures undertaken by the Federal Government to prevent cybercrime. It is important to find and maintain a perfect balance between security and individual freedom.

Numerous measures

Over 30 individual measures are part of the strategy. The following four fields of action are the focus:

  • Strengthen secure, self-determined action in a digital environment
  • Extending cooperation between the state and the economy in the field of cyber security
  • Building a powerful, sustainable and state-of-the-art cyber security architecture
  • Active positioning of Germany in international cyber security policy

In this context, the Minister of the Interior pointed to preventive measures against attacks as well as helpful measures during or after a cyber attack.

New threats

Cyber ​​attacks are now targeting different objects than before. For example, media channels and information technology have already been attacked by the government or media houses, Thomas de Maizière reported. These attacks pose a threat to freedom of expression and should be solved in the future in a fast and comprehensive manner. Of course, prevention is also desired here. The new security strategy allows Germany to take advantage of the opportunities and potentials that have arisen in the course of digitization in order to act in the interests of society and to prevent data attacks. Security risks must be manageable – and that is the goal of the campaign.

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