Reliable real estate management with real estate data rooms


Real estate owners and buyers often face this problem – Real estate involves countless documents: contracts, concepts, Land Register entries, building surveys, planning permission, plans, valuations, incidental cost bills, etc. These documents must be monitored in the Real Estate. Uncomplicated and up-to-date, the documents should be housed in the secure data room-Cloud. There can be accessed by the staff and – in the case of rent or sale – by the applicants on the documents.

dataroomX® the real estate data room

Data rooms must be imagined as isolated rooms in which only real estate owners and probable customer access is allowed. The real-estate dataroom dataroomX® allows a virtual, secure cloud solution. Documents can be uploaded and, without exception, granted to interested parties, which documents may be accessed. The advantage with dataroomX®: Everything to the flat-rate – no hidden charges for the quantity or the data transfer of the calls.

Easy application of data room in real estate business

In addition to the easy handling of data room in the real estate business, the core focus is on the security of the data because the data must be protected against third-party access and can always be retrieved with regard to a total loss. Therefore, a real estate software for project developers and developers is not the correct storage unit. Although it is equally structured to prove the total lifecycle of the property, the sophistication of the security mechanisms is often lacking. And these present a necessity of life.

For real estate transactions and property management

Take the chance and try the data room provider dataroomX® 14 days free of charge for your real estate! It allows you to easily compile your documents and easily provide them for your sales processes. Whether real estate transactions or real estate management, the dataroomX® originating from Germany is a secure, virtual data room for the administration and purchase and sale of your real estate.

Security through high-security data centers

Use reliable solutions for your due diligence investigations in the real estate sector. Increase flexibility and efficiency in your real estate management. With the dataroomX® digital document storage system, based on sophisticated online banks with high-security data centers, you know your data is safe.

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