Secure data rooms – the checklist of the Federal Office summarized


The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) recently spoke about the advantages of cloud solutions. The company emphasized once again that some operators offer secure solutions for virtual data storage. Many users already use free or paid services from cloud operators. Similar benefits are provided by other cloud systems for modern enterprises. For larger transactions, for example, a data room can provide a secure view to a group of bidders. The Federal Office pointed out the many advantages of cloud solutions and data rooms. However, the institution also warned of the risks faced by private and professional users.

More security when using data rooms


According to BSI, growing bandwidths and fast transmission rates mean that cloud solutions and data rooms are attractive for companies. The institution is explained by the many advantages of having a virtual collection of data. The solutions include simple storage systems and web mail applications. The web-based access to programs is implemented by some providers, so that a cooperative processing of data is possible. However, companies should not simply store such files in a cloud without taking data security into account. This is especially true for sensitive information, for which the right data cloud or a suitable data room is needed.

Data security in data rooms


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When data is transported to a cloud or to a data room, companies are at risk of access to information by third parties. An inadequate encryption means potential theft of sensitive company information, warns the BSI. Secure encryption is only a prerequisite to make it more difficult to gain access for criminals. Important as well is the data integrity, which the provider should guarantee. Otherwise, there is a risk of manipulation of sensitive data by cyber attackers. The BSI also points out that the location of the supplier must be taken into account. Data centers are often located abroad, which means that the operators are subject to local data protection regulations.

Safe handling of data room & cloud services

The BSI not only published general information, but also published a recommendation for the safe use of cloud systems. The checklist contains important points, which we summarize at this point:

  • To protect the data, users should only access the cloud from a secure device. If your own security is guaranteed, third-party access is difficult.
  • Long passwords, including special characters, uppercase letters, and digits, protect against data cloud attacks.
  • Users should encrypt sensitive data before they enter the cloud.
  • Access to unsecured wireless networks is a major risk. Therefore, users should never connect if wireless access is not encrypted.
  • Users should never retrieve data when a free WLAN hotspot is selected as the access point. This is a great danger because data theft is very simple.
  • Before use, users should check the data protection rules and the terms and conditions to ensure that data is not sold to third parties.
  • The location of the provider and the location of the data centers reveal to users where data is stored at which country-specific conditions.
  • Users check in advance whether their own files are permanently deleted. Finally, some cloud operators save unnecessary security scans, which are now stored in different data centers.

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