Secure data room – IT security


Security is a top priority for dataroomX®. All dataroomX® servers are certified as a secure data centre and with SSL encryption technology. In addition, the data rooms have been awarded the security certification “IT Security in Commerce”. Fraunhofer has set up an initiative to enable companies to combine and secure data exchange.

Data room with optimized safety precautions

The digitalisation of business and production processes is to be optimized in order to provide an innovative business model as a foundation. Fraunhofer is based on the concept of the Industrial Data room, whose goal is a cross-industry, comprehensive network in the open data room. In this way, companies have the possibility to use digitization for a specific business model.

Innovation of business models

The focus is on secure data exchange along the „data supply chain“ as well as the combination of proprietary data with semi-public and public data. Data sovereignty and trust are ensured by the certification of the data sources, services and participants.

Blaupause for secure data exchange

A blueprint will serve as a reference architecture model for secure data exchange and an efficient data combination. Since a configuration is possible for the individual case, it serves as the basis for different implementations in the market. The model is piloted by Fraunhofer. It will examine in detail in selected use cases and verify whether existing approaches such as standards and technologies can be implemented. Since the model has industry-relevant aspects, it is linked in its test phase with the Testbed initiative of the platform industry 4.0.

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