Secure due diligence with dataroomX® cloud data rooms


Due diligence processes are used when companies are sold. The prospective buyer carefully examines the economic, financial and legal situation of the company it seeks to acquire. The focus is on the strengths, weaknesses and potential risks is the takeover candidate’s portfolio.

Security for your Due Diligence


A DD exam requires a sophisticated security architecture. Secure virtual data rooms are indispensable for due diligence processes. Today, the checks are largely web-based, because this is more efficient. The data security and the trust of the parties involved in the data rooms used play a prominent role here. The dataroomX® data rooms provide a highly sophisticated security architecture for such applications. Confidential digital documents are therefore protected against unauthorized access.

Right and role management of dataroomX® creates security

The fact that the dataroomX® data rooms are used by many well-known companies for DD processes is due to the high-security technology and the structure of the virtual data rooms. The cloud is sealed, along with a well-thought-out rights and role management. This prevents documents from being accessed by unauthorized persons. This type of security is indispensable, particularly in the case of a due diligence process.

Secure Cloud solutions for data rooms

DataroomX® has created a secure cloud solution for highly secure data exchange. In principle, the data quantities are unlimited for a due diligence phase. The detailed reporting also allows the control and monitoring of the data rooms.

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