Security of virtual data rooms


Customers can rely on the highest security standards of the dataroomX® data rooms. These are guaranteed through access controls, sophisticated emergency management and various security certificates.

Highest security standards for dataroomX® data rooms

DataroomX® data rooms meet the highest safety standards required by the German legislature and goes even further. The data rooms of dataroomX® are protected physically by alarm systems with video surveillance as well as the certified 3-way access system. Only employees with special keys have access to the servers after a biometric authentication. The selected group of employees is not very large.

Physical and virtual data room security

Further physical security measures are the multiple-assured monitoring of the data rooms and the rapid identification of possible sources of interference, including fast-flash suppression. The autonomous power supply is also secured. Virtually the data rooms are backed up by multiple redundant backups. The backup data center is physically separated from the main computers.

Revision-proof and highly secure enryption

The activities in the data room are recorded in a revision-proof manner; the data is given a high-end encryption via SSL certificate. Data rooms of dataroomX® are therefore particularly protected. Last but not least, the operation and the back-up of the data rooms in German data centers also provides protection from the intelligence services and industrial pioneering of third countries.

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