Simple and fast data rooms


In the development of the data room software dataroomX®, we are focused exclusively on the needs of our customers. Take a look at the virtual data center’s switchboard in our video and see for yourself how easy and fast you can create a data room. Click to enlarge the video here !

DataroomX® differs significantly from relevant competitors in key areas. Set to the following default settings:

Data hosting in Germany – We take your data security very seriously. No provision of data on foreign servers.

Software made in Germany – development & programming in Germany and constant adaptation to your customer requirements.

Uncomplicated operation – No cumbersome computer installation, a simple user interface, and access from your web browser.

Fair and clear fees – We stop complex billing models by page retrieval, data transfer, or document number.

Experienced Software House – As Internet pioneers, we have been developing leading and ultra-modern Internet applications for 20 years.

Trustworthy Partner – Our company regularly receives very good credit assessments from independent institutes. A partner with a future!

Test dataroomX® for free!

Try our digital data rooms out without any commitment, and become our next satisfied customer.