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As part of our customer survey in September 2016, dataroomX® emerged as the clear winner in terms of user-friendliness of data rooms in Germany. The same also applies to security: dataroomX® is the undisputed top provider.

Missing transparency among providers

As a potential customer, a dozen companies are available in the area of ​​data room providers, but they can only be comparatively compared. The reason for this is that often the prices are only visible after a separate request. A special praise deserves here dataroomX®, where the customer was satisfied with the transparency of the prices from the beginning, according to a customer survey. Coupled with the high security guarantee, the ease of use and the fact that the servers are located in Germany, dataroomX® convinced the customers all along the line.

Customers know the market

Another aspect that emerges from the survey: Through years of use of data rooms, dataroomX® customers are well acquainted with the subject matter and thus also provide a meaningful result when comparing the providers. In contrast to the competition, the company sets on fixed prices without additional costs or fees. For many customers the deciding reason to opt for the dataroomX®.

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