User friendly data rooms at dataroomX®


Today’s data rooms should be marked by extreme user-friendliness. dataroomX® paid attention to that. Users lose interest if they see countless buttons and ambiguous settings. Unclear navigation elements and unnecessary settings are only annoying, nobody wants a complicated data room. This should be used without special knowledge. A user manual is superfluous!


Simple data rooms on dataroomX®

Customer surveys have shown that our data rooms are the easiest to use. This statement was given by experienced customers who have been using data on applications for their due diligence on average for more than ten years.

Move into the customer

In order to achieve this, the designers of dataroomX® have moved into their customers and questioned their needs. A very important finding is that redundant settings do not have to look for an optimized user interface. The workflows are significantly faster with the optimized user interface, as well as customers with relatively low computer skills.

Test Data Immediately

Therefore, dataroom® has a strictly intuitive user interface without unnecessary explanations. You can test these data rooms immediately!

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