User-friendly data rooms


We all know the problem: Countless buttons, ambiguous settings, confusing navigation elements. Data room users are irritated, because many data rooms are too complicated to operate!

Our customer survey shows: Data rooms of dataroomX ® are the easiest to use. And this opinion is met by experienced customers of data rooms, which on average use data rooms for their due diligence for 10 years. – A great compliment!

Easy to use data rooms

The designers and developers of dataroomX ® have pushed themselves into the role of the customers who create and / or use data rooms. The most important result: an optimized user interface renounces unnecessary settings. The usability of data rooms with the simplest basic knowledge means that the effort for explanations is reduced to zero.

Faster Workflows

An optimized user interface accelerates and simplifies work processes and saves time and money. The use is made easier for customers with low computer skills. They can implement their work processes more quickly. The user interface of our data rooms has been designed intuitively. Unnecessary explanations or hints are omitted.

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