VDR, Dataroom, Data centre, virtual data room or simply „data room“?!


In the M&A sector – and other industries – various technical terms are used to describe a data room.
As Wikipedia puts it, „Data rooms are spaces used for housing data, usually of a secure or privileged nature. They can be physical data rooms, virtual data rooms, or data centers. They are used for a variety of purposes, including data storage, document exchange, file sharing, financial transactions, legal transactions, and more.“

Secure Virtual Data Room


Foto: Oleksandr Delyk, Fotolia.com

Meanwhile, other terms are also buzzing through the Cyberspace and German M & A offices. The most famous creation is Virtual Data Room, abbreviated VDR. The abbreviation is used rather rarely, also in the country of origin USA. Some vendors in Germany prefer the „VDR service“. Others also want to emphasize the issue of security. This is where the „Secure Virtual Data Room“ or „Secure VDR“ appears.

Dataroom international, data room german

Dataroom is the international name, data room of the common German: The „virtual“ data room underlines that it is a digital room in which the documents are available for viewing and downloading protected. Even if dataroomX ® with the English generic name is a German product and gladly shows the security in German program development and hosting in Germany, the term Dataroom is quite common at international locations like Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich.

DataroomX ® : The data room with the „X“

However you choose to call it: The data room with the „X“ helps your Finance Due Diligence – therefore: go dataroomX®!

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