Virtual data room for professional secret holders


„What I see or hear in the treatment or even outside the treatment in the lives of the people, I will, as far as one can not divulge, conceal and regard as a secret,“ is the oath of the Greek physician Hippocrates of Kos (um 460 to 370 BC).

The oath of the medical commitment is representative of the confidentiality of certain professional groups, entrusted to third parties. In the Penal Code (StGB) the violation of private secrets is regulated by criminal law.

Protection of private secrets

Many professional secret holders use a virtual data room to exchange their documents. By encrypted transmission on secure cloud servers and particularly secure document management systems, the Dataroom provides protection of privacy. The list of certain professional groups is long and defines the StGB under § 203 I. for the following groups:

  • Doctor, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist or other health care professional who requires a regulated education in order to practice or lead a professional title,
  • Professional psychologists with a state-recognized scientific final exam,
  • Lawyer, patent attorney, notary public, attorney in a statutory procedure, auditor, sworn auditor, tax advisor, tax representative or organ or
  • Member of an organ of a lawyer, patent attorney, auditing, auditing or tax consulting firm,
  • Marriage, family, parenting or youth counselors and addiction counselors in a counseling center recognized by a public authority, corporation, institute or foundation;
  • Member or representative of a recognized counseling center according to §§ 3 and 8 of the Pregnancy Conflict Act,
  • State-recognized social worker or state-approved social worker or
    Relatives of a private health, accident or life insurance company or a private medical, tax consultant or attorney clearing house
  • Officers who are particularly responsible for the public service,
  • Person who performs duties or powers under the Staff Representation Law,
  • Member of a committee of inquiry, committee or council acting for a legislative body of the Federation or of a country, which is not itself a member of the legislative body, or an assistant to such a committee or council;
  • Publicly appointed expert who has been formally committed to the diligent performance of his obligations under a law, or
    Person who has been formally committed to the diligent fulfillment of its duty of confidentiality in the conduct of scientific research projects under a law.

Maximum security when using the Dataroom

Thus, professional secrecy carriers should rely on the utmost security in the use of their data room, in order to take into account the special protection of the entrant of the special secrecy. A digital data room is now common practice in the document exchange among professional secret holders. To make it easy to use, the German data room provider dataroomX® intuitively transfers the experiences of the typical PC user to the topic of data space. Anyone using a file directory or an e-mail service can also handle dataroomX® without any problems.

Fair pricing for each data room requirement

Three simple pricing models address the needs of both the tax accountant with very few transaction advisors and professional M & A advisors with a variety of deals to follow each year. The data managed by dataroomX® are hosted on certified servers in Germany and not in England or the USA.

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